I would like foreign travelers to go around each region in Japan, but

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Apr 1, 2014 18:02
I would like foreign travelers to go around each region in Japan, but

A foreign visitor only one day to spend in your country. Where should this go on that day?

I definitely recommend for a foreign visitor that he or she stay in Tokyo on one day trip. Even though Tokyo is not large city, if the visitor stays in Tokyo for even only one day, he or she can enjoy and feel Japanese spirit and culture because there are best Japanese restaurants and cultural places.

First of all, Tokyo has the most and best Japanese restaurants in Japan. The biggest fish market and fruit and vegetable market in Japan locate in Tokyo; thus, almost all Japanese ingredients from each local region gather in the markets. It is convenient for owners to run their Japanese restaurants in Tokyo because these markets allow them to stock on the ingredients easily. Also, for the owners, succeeding in business in Tokyo is very important, and they are proud of the success in Tokyo. For this, Japanese restaurants are in fierce competition day and night in Tokyo in order to make the customers, not only Japanese people but also foreigners, happy. For example, for Japanese restaurants, the most important thing is their hospitality; therefore, in Tokyo, there are some restaurants which enable foreign travelers to enjoy Japanese cuisines. Their stuff can speak not only English but also other languages, and their menu display what Japanese cuisines are and how you should enjoy eating them. These hospitalities are a part of Japanese spirits. As this example illustrates, Tokyo has best Japanese restaurants for visitors.

In addition, Tokyo has enough cultural places to draw tourists. It is said that foreign travelers are interesting in the beauty of our tradition and history such as traditional wear, "Kimono", historical buildings. Plus, young foreign tourists like animated films, cartoons, and music in Japan. Tokyo can satisfy all of these needs. For instance, Asakusa, historical place in Tokyo, has an old big temple and antique scenery. Foreign travelers can look around them, and some traditional wear shops allows them to wear traditional clothes. Furthermore, Akihabara, an area which is famous for subculture in Tokyo, has many animated products' shops and several concerts halls. Foreign tourists can touch Japanese young generation's culture. In other words, Tokyo has both traditional culture place and new culture place to attract foreign travelers extremely. As these instances above demonstrate, Tokyo allows foreign visitors to enjoy Japanese culture.

In conclusion, for these reasons mentioned above, if a foreign visitor come to my country, he or she should go to the capital city, Tokyo, in order to Japanese dishes and culture.

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