The Influence of Social Networking Websites

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Mar 13, 2012 11:24
The technology in 90’s has changed our lifestyle. The Internet has become essential in our life, whose influence has gradually pervaded in our daily life, and among them, community websites even extend relationships from concreteness to fiction.

Imagine, what were the facts urging you to join fictional community? Is it because your friends all do have one, you have to do the same? Otherwise, do you just think it’s interesting? However, how many platforms have you joined, and how long haven’t you updated them?

Actually, the emergence of the Facebook is helping us use the feature of the Internet, which isn’t restricted by time and space, to establish our own connections; however, our technique still can’t completely reflect the real life. In daily life, the complexity of friendship can’t be easily simplified as two conditions: add, or not. It’s bothersome that someone you’re not familiar with adds you as his/her friend, since you two may not have connection, but it’s embarrassing not to do so.

Should we recall what is the reason why register in? Maybe you’ll find that you don’t want to visit those websites, but just follow the trend. When it comes to relationship management, we can go back to basic ways, such as having a meal together, go window-shopping, or talking cell phones, which are closer than simply using social platform. Indeed, the Internet brings convenience, but what we forget is that only by cultivating our ability to think independently, can the true meaning of life shown in Internet world.
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