Survey Centre Work

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Jul 10, 2012 07:59
When I graduated the high school, I worked in the survey centre near my house.
It was sorts of call centre, but I had to call other people, then I had to ask some question to them. After the working, manager checked the number which is finished the survey. People were usually slam down the phone, so I couldn't finish the survey.
I worked for 8 hours each day, and I used to say same things to people like a survey machine.
A lot of people quit, because it was really stressful and it doesn't have a chance to laugh or joke with my colleges. I had to drink lots of hot water, because I had a sore throat.
In addition, I had to take a medicine for my throat. I was awful, but I tried to have a patient, and I finished that part time job. In that week, I couldn't do anything and I just wanted to crash out, because I was totally exhausted after working.
But It had a good pay, so I beard one week. And I do not want to work there anymore.