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Jun 18, 2012 05:23
Today, I studied about 'reported' grammars, so I am practicing in Lang-8.

My mum is always worried about me, so she told me lots of things.
she said that I should come back to home early. I can understand my mum's worry, but sometimes I need freedom haha.
My mum told me she is lonely because I am in London. I know my mum's feeling. When I lived in Korea, I used to spend lots of time with my mum. we used to go to the cinema and watch dramas together.. I really miss my mum. I really want to be coming my mum to London, but actually it looks quite hard. Because the ticket price is really expensive....
My mum said that she didn't want to lose my weight. I always said that I need a diet. Because I think I am fat... But my mum always didn't agree and she was worried about my health :)..

I really miss my mum.. she is always always worried about me..
I will be good to my parents. :D I love my mum and dad !