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Jun 16, 2012 07:17
I am practicing sentences using 'wish' :D

- It was rainy again and I didn't want to get soaked. I wish I had bought my umbrella.
- I am fat now. I wish I lost my weight.
- I am so tired. I wish I was in my home.
- I received a score of final exam, but it wasn't good. I wish I had studied more.
- It's raining, and it seems it will be raining whole day. I wish I would be sunny.
- I wish he would find another job instead of teaching English.
- I have bought some foods, and I wish it would have good tasting.

I am gonna practice making sentences using 'be supposed to'

- I heard about him from my mum, and she said to me he is such a good person. He is supposed to be a nice person.
- It was supposed to phone her yesterday, but I totally forgot.
- It is supposed to meet him today 5.30pm, but it is already 5.40pm. I am quite late.
- It is supposed to be secret, so you have not to tell other people about it.
- It was supposed to be rainy tonight, but it wasn't rainy.

Q. Could you explain different things between 'such' and 'so'?
I know 'such' is used with + adj + noun (such beautiful eyes or such a nice person)
and I know 'so' is used with + adj (so beautiful)
But ! "such fun" it makes sense. isn't it? so I am confused it... How can I use this emphasis word.... :( haha help me please :) !!!!
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