If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend ?

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May 20, 2012 05:53
I read a interesting news about boyfriend/girlfriend.
News title was "If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?"
Title was quite interesting so I clicked that news.
It was a survey and question was "what do you want to do if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?"
I thought the best answer is 'romantic dates' but it was definitely wrong.
The best answer was 'travelling' ! Travelling with my boyfriend is really good but I thought it's not first. Second answer was 'romantic dates' and 'watching movies'. Women answer is 'romantic dates' and man answer is 'watching movies'

If I didn't have a boyfriend, I would hope normal dates like watching movies, going to the cafe or restaurants. But I have been going out with my boyfriend about 2 years so we did most of dates. Therefore we can go to travel because now we know each other exactly. So we aren't going to fall out in travelling. If we went to travel when we met a few months, we would have an argument. (I think travelling makes people are tired so percentage of arguing will increase)