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Mar 10, 2012 00:40
today i came back from naoetsu in niigata prfecture at work.
it takes 3hour to tokyo.
after work in naoetsu,return train are few and i got much time.
last year i went there,i found nice cafe and had a nice time.
they have books that you can read and bring it if you want.
so i choose one book for reading return to tokyo.
and this year i bring back that book to the cafe.
the owner was surprised and welcome!
coffee is also good handdrip.and the wall of cafe is used as gallary
for personal space.i bought hand made natulal bee candles.
and ofcourse i got another book for return to tokyo.
niigata is famouse for japanese sake.
i got 3bottles of pure rice sake at where the cafeowner told me.
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