Homework 1 (Office Politics)

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Feb 23, 2012 11:24
This was a sunny day. They were talking about gossip while working in the office.
“Hey, have you heard some news about the promotion?” Tom said.
“No, but I wish to get this position. Marry said,’ I have worked here for five years.’ She should be the person.” Jim said.
“Oh, you are always working hard. I heard Lily said,’ Jim is a proper person to be the assistant manager.’ You deserve to get the position.” Tom said.
If what you said is true, I will treat you. Lucy said,’ Nancy sent some gifts to Lily for the promotion.’” Jim said.
Are you kidding”? Tom asked. He said confidently,” Nancy once said,’ I support Jim.’”
Suddenly, Lily who is the manager in the company come and said,” Tom, come to my office. I said,’ You are the assistant manager from tomorrow.’ Come here to get the new mission.”