A Beautiful Night

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Feb 24, 2012 14:15 hiragana japanese history night
Right now in Argentina it's 1:52 AM... What am I doing at this hour? I'm about to sleep, after reading a book, like all nights. It's very beautiful when it isn't hot and you can just turn off the air conditioner and open the window to feel that warm wind come in. We can't do this all nights, so it comes like a gift when it occurs.
I'm not very inspired to write in these days, so I'm making an effort to write something that can offer an interesting read to who correct this and at the same time, trying to write in the correct way.
I'm learning about the history of Japan, and it's writing system. It is derived from chinese, and their syllabaries, are simplified versions of chinese characters that have the same phonetic representation, but also have a different meaning. Those syllabaries were originally created by young women that couldn't learn the chinese alphabet, which was used in its totality in the ancient Japan. Women in the ancient Japan were not able to get writing education, because it was considered that they weren't able to memorize all the chinese alphabet. So these women invented a system that allowed them to write, consisting in chinese alphabet characters with the same phonetic pronunciation as what they were saying. That would seem strange to a chinese, but perfectly natural to a Japanese. With the advance of years, those characters were simplified, thus providing easier writing. And that's what we know nowadays as Hiragana.