2nd day, little progress.

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Feb 17, 2012 23:54
So, as a good practice, I'm still writing in English as I'm not prepared to write in Japanese. I've learned almost all the Hiragana alphabet (I'm memorizing the characters through a page called "Realkana", it works very well!), and I'm starting to learn the Katakana alphabet, I just hope to learn as fast as I've learned the Hiragana. And then, I shall advance on Kanji, my nightmare. It is a very difficult alphabet, and it becomes harder when you are learning on your own without a teacher, so I don't know what will be the results.

That's my second entry! Yesterday, here in Argentina, it rained very heavily after almost five days with temperatures of 35ºC+ (that would be 95º F). On Tuesday, we had 40ºC! It was really really hot! I guess it was caused by St. Valentine's haha. So that was all, I'm waiting for corrections, 'cause I know that I probably made a lot of mistakes here.