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May 22, 2012 21:05
Freedom, innovation and strong will those are what I learned from the movie——Dead Poets Society. Every one needs their own captions to tell them what the really important thing is. This movie tells us not to blindly comply with authority. What’s more,it encourages us to listen to the sound of heart and see the word with an independent vision. After watching this movie, I asked myself why I come to the college. Just for the diploma? The answer is no. I am so lucky to learn what I really love. Our class is free. What we need is that use our strong will to make more innovations. This movie makes me more clear what I really want and what I need to do.
To my love
If you lose you sight, I will become your eyes.
If you can’t say any words, I will become your mouth.
If you are a cripple, I will become your crutch.
If you forget everything, I will become a phonograph to repeat every detail of our lives.
No matter there is how many if, I will always stay with you.
That is because you are the love of my life.