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Mar 13, 2012 21:20
You can use money to buy anything but personal happiness. For example, a beautiful actress who married an old man she do not love can not get happiness and feel so lonely even though she would get all of his money at last. She abandoned her true love for money, but she can not get her personal happiness with the money. Although the woman gets what she wants, she maybe regrets her decision to give up her personal happiness for money when she is old.
It is second important for you to get successful in your business compare to your family. For instance, a man who spent all of his time on making money and ignored his wife as well as children when he was young always tells the young people that our relationship with family is more important than anything else, because he loses everything except money when he is an old man. Obviously family is more important than work and wealth, because your family will give love and care when you get trouble. When the man gets old, he can not work anymore, and he will find that nothing around him but his money.