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Feb 27, 2012 15:16
Jack was sitting in the office. He was thinking about who would to be the chief in their hospital. Then, Derek came in and said, “What are you thinking?”
Jack said, “Oh, I am thinking about the weather today.”
At the same time, Lucy came in with a big smile. She said, “Jack, tell you a secret. My husband told me this morning, ‘Darling, the old chief told me last night, “I have told the board that you are the best man in our hospital and I recommend you to be the next chief in our hospital,” So may be you will become the wife of the chief,’ I am so happy, Jack.”
Jack said, “Congratulations, Lucy.”
However, Derek did not say a word.
After two days, Lucy got the news that Derek was the new chief. She was so upset. Then Jack came and said, “I am so sorry. Derek told me, ‘I am the new chief. Maybe I am not the best man in the hospital, but my father-in-law is the chairman of the board,’ So this is why he become the chief.”
Lucy knew the secret and reported it to the court. At last, Jack became the new chief.