Homework 1: office politics

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Feb 26, 2012 21:50
Jermy and Alex are good friends, they work in the same company. They often talk about everything around the enviroment.
“ I want to be friends of them, but it seems not so easy.” Jermy said. He has worked in this company for 2 years. He found that many colleagues not mean a lot of friends.
“ It’s OK. The problem exists nearly in every office. Just take it easy.” Alex said.
But while you work with them, you need more communication and care. I really don’t like the atmosphere. We can talk about nothing but work. That really confuses me.” Jermy said as if he get a headache.
You should know why they do like this. In an office, it’s not wise to be too close to one of them. Sometimes we may compete for our profits and make others lose. It’s not good for our work efficiency. Anyway,‘work always comes first’.”
You see, we can also take in parties after work and talk anything we like. If we have more common favors, it may promote our interpersonal relation. Do you want a try?”
Go ahead, I’m always with you!”