Elementary Teacher is Not an Auxiliary Job

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May 20, 2012 23:12
>>>>>I had read a magazine about career that telling "female often wasting their ablities on some auxiliary jobs" inside in recent day. I can't agree more with it except for its instance──" an auxiliary job such as secretary,assistant,and elementary teacher."

>>>>>It's really a terrible disaster to consider elementary teacher as a auxiliary job!! I stand for it not because I want to be a elementary teacher in my dream but beacuse I understand how important a teacher do to children in fact. I still have a strong impression of some of it and also being strong effect by so.

>>>>>For instance,I scared of math more because I had been asked to stay singly for whole afternoom to set down all the multiplication table in second grade. I still have the memory that though I wrote down it time and again, I could hardly keep any in mind. I crying really hard at that time. Of course there are still others.

>>>>>In sum, elementary teacher is not an auxiliary and insignificant job but a professional work. If we don't take them seriously, we are hurming our and our country's future unconsciously.