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Mar 13, 2012 20:07
「Opportunity is something we create」
Cherry blossom season is just about upon us,
and this is probably the best season for oversea tourists.
I believe language learners should "have a passion for the trip."
Although a lack of opportunity is not the reason behind poor speaking ability.
Yet I recommend it to my friend who learning some languages.
If you have a little money and a time, you show courage, and should go abroad.
Both your belongings and money are all right at a minimum.
I know many people whom are not able to go abroad easily due to their work.
Despite of I emphasize, don’t be afraid of a chance to try your effort and touch different culture. Trip can be not only to see splendid view but also to communicate with people.
I’d like to introduce my experience. More than five years ago,
I went to Istanbul in Turkey and found a park packed with local people.
I was surprised because I heard Japanese words from one of the groups.
The neighboring group sounded like English and maybe Chinese.
Groups of people who have a notebook were speaking in foreign languages at the park.
I asked our tour conductor named Hussein next morning.
"what did that group do?”
He said that it's a language lesson at a park.
They who are under recession cannot go to foreign country easily, also go to lesson class.
Turkey is one of the tourism nations, so finding employment seems to be possible if can speak foreign language. The park was located between Hilton Hotels and a big shopping mall. As soon as lesson over, they go to the place where traveler seem to gather and can talk with people who they want to speak languages for practice to learn.
What a good idea is! Although I couldn’t get a chance of it if I had seen the sign written “Is there any speak Japanese?” I would say quickly “Yes I am”.
Their enthusiasm was so strong, And I thought, This is it!
Opportunity is something we create ourselves.