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Feb 15, 2012 21:38
Yesterday was Valentine's day. Many of my friends sent their wishes to me. And they asked me how I celebrated this festival. I said I went to a Japanese class,and learnd Japanese from まさみさん.And I think this was the most meaningful thing I had done yesterday.
I can`t feel the atmosphere of the festival here, not only the Valentine's day but also the New Year. I don`t know whether russian celebrate this festival. It must be very boisterous in China.
In China more and more festivals only means to rest. Families get togeter, but there are still many people have to go on working and cannot go back home, even though it is Spring festival .I also didn`t spend Spring Festival with my family this year.Cause I am learning Russian in Russia, it`s too uncovenient to go home.
Life goes on , I should learn more and do something meaningful to make my life interesting.