I want to ask you some questions

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Feb 24, 2012 18:46 English culture
I'm learning English in High School as wrote in my profile.

Today, I learned those sentences in the English class.

Quote from my textbook--------------------------------------------------

'As second and foreign language speakers increase in number and gain in their international presence, usages which were once criticized as "foreign" or "wrong," such as "three person," "many informations," and "he be running" might someday become part of standard speech, and in time possibly appear even in standard writing.'


第二言語、もしくは外国語として英語を話す人が増え、国際的な地位を占めるようになれば、”外国の”もしくは”間違った”使い方として批判されていた、"three person" "many informations" "he be running"のような使い方は、いつの日か、普通の話し言葉、そしてひょっとすると普通の書き言葉としても使われるようになるかもしれません。


Do you have any such episodes?

If you have, please write in a comment space!

And if I have wrong translation, please tell me!