Rainy season started

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Jun 16, 2012 18:40
The rainy season has started. We'll be having a lot of rain in the next month.

In the old days, Japanese people called the sixth month of the lunar calendar "Minaduki(水無月)". The meaning of each Chinese characters are; 水:water, 無:no, 月:month.
You could take 水無月 means "no water month". It's funny name for the rainy month, isn't it?

There are several theories explaining the origins of the name.
I remember only one of the theories. I liked it the best.
In the old days, Japanese people believed there was a heavenly world in the sky, where countless gods lived. People imagined that it rains so hard at the sixth month of year that there must be few water left in the heavenly world. So people started to call the month "水無月", meaning "the month when no water left in the heaven".

It's facinating how people used their imagination in the old days.



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