Japanese Masterpieces Saved by Fenollosa

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May 5, 2012 11:18
Last month, I took a trip and stayed in Tokyo and Kyoto for 5 days. I will write about my second day in Tokyo.

When I woke up in the morning, it took some time to locate my foot and hands. I couldn't sleep well maybe because of the poor air condition of the hotel room.
But I was excited. I was in Tokyo and the new day began.

I hurried to the downstair restaurant for breakfast.
I love buffet style breakfast. The sight of lining dishes, several kinds of soup and bavarages makes me feel like I am pampered. There were sunnyside eggs, sausages, potato salad, pancakes, miso soup and so on!

After breakfast, I headed for Ueno with no particlar plans. There are many musiums in Ueno. On the way, a postar of a exhibition drew my attention. I read "Japanese Masterpieces from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston", Tokyo National Museum. http://www.tnm.jp/

During the Meiji restoration, the Meiji government had a separation policy of Buddhism and Shintoism. They destroyed many temples and buddhist artwork that should have been registered as nathinal treasures. Some arts were sold for very small prices.
In amid of this event, an American professor at Tokyo University played a great role in saving a lot of Buddhist artifacts. Now the museum of fine arts Boston owns his large collection of Japanese art. You can see some masterpieces in this exhibition.

I loved "Miroku, the Bodhisattva of the Future" and "Dragon and Clouds" the best.
I can't explain what they were like. All I can say is Miroku was just beautiful. In front of the statue, I felt calm, tranquility.
And the Dragon was breathtaking and... maybe you should see it with your own eyes.

When I left the museum, I felt so hungry. It took more than two hours to see all the pieces in the exhibition.
I went to Ameyoko and had kebab at a stall. It was a good day for my eyes and stomach and soul.