One year after the disaster

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Mar 11, 2012 09:23
Today, March 11, will mark the one year anniversary of the enormous disaster that hit northerneast Japan. Some things have changed and some have not.

We come across a lot of warm messages from all over Japan to the peaple in Tohoku, on TV, online, or in magazines. "Kizuna (bond)" has become 2011 Word Of The Year.

Nevertheless, the piles of rubble remain undisposed. Only 10 prefectual goverments are actively considering accepting rubble from ravaged area. Many are afraid of the radiation and skeptical about the safety which government promises.
Without disposing of rubble, there's no rehabilitation.
It is said that if all the prefectural governments in Japan accept rubble, it will be disposed of within about 6 months.

If we really believe in "Kizuna (the bond)", it is time to seriously consider what we really should do for Tohoku and ourselves, and take action.
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