How far is perseverance? (坚持有多远?)

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Feb 18, 2012 12:03
Time flies. Exactly speaking my English writing here persist for near a year. The only aim is to passing my graduate English composition which is demanded at least 150 words. The blog practice review my basic writing feeling, my experience here tells me about another important factor in doing things—perseverance.

Whether can we do perseverance on one thing? What’s the disturbing on earth? How long does it take us to be perseverance? So many people have said he will write blog everyday, but how many people really persist hereafter? What’s the real reason on earth? A boring mood? A lazy nature? A dull life style? A lost of interest? A empty brain? A poor word expression? A lack of writing motive? A busy bird without time? A weak speaking skill? A dumb mouth? A silent heart? Or other else? Or an unsatisfactory website, maybe all of these can’t be a real reason.