my attitude about making friends (我的朋友观)

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Feb 13, 2012 14:03

This is indeed an old topic and myself have written many blogs about it. But still feel some viewpoints need to be recorded recalled and remembered to myself, because we are so easy to make deviations in brains subconsciously, even sometimes we think that’s our so-called principle to stick.

What’s friends? What friends do you like? Can’t help thinking of the old say: A friend in need is a friend indeed. In such a boundless people sea, in such a worldly world, which words is from friends’ heart? and where’s friends’ helpful hands? Maybe if we feel it with our heart, always be in this world.

I like friends who have an active attitude to life, who have vivid thoughts to strive for their hopes, who have warm-hearted kindness, who have easygoing nature and humourous colour, who have rich brains and explore taste of life, who have their own special characteristics different from others, who have real open-minded thoughts to receive new viewpoints, who has a sincere heart to treat me, who like me just as I like them, who help me when I need whenever, who brings me more power to go forward, who warm me like breeze, who…

But I still know clearly there is not such a person in the world, because he like above nearly reaches perfection as a friend. This world is not perfect actually. Defects are still here and there whether you he/she even ourselves. So this is the only principle when I view my friends, as long as he/she has a single point to be worthy of learning for me, that’s enough to be a friend, as long as he has a single point as familiar as mine, that’s enough to be a friend. heihei…

Because I know deeply, there is not same person in the world, even between bosom friends, even with our beloved in our family. There is always differences in gender,age, hobby,temper,work field,family surrounding,education background,experiences, ect… all of these factors lead to certain differences existing objectively, can’t change according to our minds. But the understanding and sincereness should be always the base between friends. I have been trying to become sort of open-minded person, but limited by some objective stereotype, always failed to be what i wanrt to be. So go back to my current miniblog, maybe it’s a nice definition about “friendship”: It will be a lucky thing for whatever reason we meet each other, know each other and are concerned about each other...

Take this opportunity to thank one of my friend here, though he hardly visit here now, thanks for giving me so much sincere help in english learning on another website, all helpful mails and messages by yourself warm me deeply, my best wishes to your family, good luck, my friend.

ps:hi, my friends, this is my second blog here.and i update my english blogs on dioenglish nearly everyday. i will update my posts here hereafter. wish some warm-hearted friends help me to modify the thanks.