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May 22, 2013 19:06 favorite video game baseball
I'm going to talk about my favorite video game, Jikkyo pawafuru puroyakyu (実況パワフルプロ野球), which is usually called Pawapuro. Pawapuro is about baseball. The reason I like it is that I'm a fan of baseball. When I was a primary school student, I used to practice baseball a lot; but, sadly, I was not good at playing baseball, so now I'm crazy about virtual baseball, meaning Pawapuro.

I've been playing Pawapuro for about almost ten years. Pawapuro is updated every year according to actual professional baseball players, so I've never been fed up with it.

The important thing about Pawapuro is that there's no end. For example, if you play a role-playing game, there's definitely a last boss. However, in terms of Pawapuro, I can bring up my own characters over and over again. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I win by using my own team. I think Pawapuro is an appealing game.
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