Be Masculine

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Sep 5, 2013 23:02
I know I'm thin and often said so, too. I'm about 174cm and 60kg. Therefore, I've decided to build up my muscles.

I bought two 5-kg dumbbells last week and use them every day. I struggle to strengthen the muscles of my shoulders and have muscle pain. However, I feel that I can do more training now than last week. Although only one week has passed, the training make me stronger and confident in myself.

Today, I jogged in the park closest to my home. I could run fastest after I entered my university (in these 3 years). I'm going to run this Saturday if it does not rain. Sadly, weather forecasts say that it will rain on that day.

I have an objective on my exercise. I want to be a slim macho by next May! I have about 8 months to improve my body. I've always make my studies a priority, but from now, I try to cope with both my research and my health.
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