Diary. Please check. I have never been checked ever.

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Apr 16, 2012 21:43
16th, April, 2012.

I woke up at 1PM. The reason that I got up late was that I have insomnia. lately I don`t feel to sleep. I don`t know why. So every night I am watching Youtube broadcasts. AVGN(Angry Video Game Nerd) is my favorite. The speaker has quite funny emotions.

I was going to Auckland University Gym but I changed my mind going to Auckland University library. Unfortunately there were full of students. I have not seen so many people in there. This time is not exam period. What study worms.

I moved next building, it is also library of AKLD Uni. and studied hard. I went to BBQ buffet which is that you pay some money then can eat as you can.

The date I came here is passing to 4 months. Time is so fast but my Englsih increasing speed is too slow. I wish I am a good English spoken man.