Asking questions in japanese.

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Feb 9, 2012 01:39

At the moment I'm learning only romaji version of japanase so here are some words/sentences I need to check if I'm using correctly.

Kore (this)

Sore (that)

Are (that but further away)

Dore (which)

Kore wa nan desu ka( what is this? I still don't know if Japan uses a question mark or if ka is the question mark can someone help?)

Sore wa nan desu ka ( what is that?)

Are wa nan desu ka ( what is that over there?

Dore ( I'm not sure how to use this in a sentence in romaji??)

Itadakimasu (said before a meal but i don't understand what it means)

Oishi (delicious)

Gochisosama ( thank you for the meal/food.... is gochisosamadeshita more polite or when do I use it?)

I apologise if this is incorrect Japanese but I've only just started to learn so please correct me.