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Aug 25, 2014 19:37
Have you heard this words?Honda is one of the famous family names in Japan.
When many Japanese people hear it, they might imagine about a car company or a foot ball player.The Honda as the company is a second biggest and famous in Japan.The founder's name is Soichiro Honda whom many business persons respect. Many writers have published about his philosophy or personality but now, most teenagers don't know about his work and life.I think I'm also one of them.
Lots of teenagers are interested in Keisuke Honda who is football player with AC milan.His looks is weird(golden hair, white suit etc...) but people were impressed about his expressions of Japanese by some interviews.His Japanese is so simple  and he doesn't say a lot ,but we are able to feel his strength.Many people quote from his some phrases.
If you know him and are interested in him, please check it out.

Honda is a very famous name, but I don't have a friend with the name Honda.haha.
I think people with the name is less in areas where I live.