Could you correct my sentences?

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May 23, 2012 00:17
Hi there!!こんにちは
I got an opportunity to apply for an internship in Korea but many people hoped for it.
Candidates are going to be evaluated on their ability by the statement of purpose in English...
I wrote below sentences so I'd like you to correct them.
Would you check the draft, and if necessary, revise it and/or add what you think you need?
You will be able to study formal phrases in Japanese if you use this translation.

At this internship, I am hoping to exchange information from different angles with Korean students in differing fields involved in agricultural chemistry. I took a class on Korean language as an undergraduate student, which opened up my eyes to become interested traditional Korean culture. The Asian region has a history of rice culture, therefore Korea is one of the most advanced country in studies on the rice, so I'd like to have a truly meaningful relationship with students studying rice or other cereals. As for my research presentation, I look forward to releasing my study using English and I think it is a great time to helped me to improve myself a great deal. I also believe that Korean students living on rice will be interested in my study on rice.
I want to exploit to the full the opportunities for this internship by arrangements and reviewing because I am conscious of lacking communication and presentation skills in English. Additionally, I think I should make good use of this experience to consider the problems of the food and agriculture from the local to the global level.