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Mar 27, 2012 17:34
The line graph compares the demand of fish and three kinds of meat in a particular European country over 25 years.
It is clear that the consumption of meat per person per week decreased with beef and lamb and increased with chicken, otherwise fish was changed not much.
In 1979, about 60 grams of fish was consumed per person per week, compared to exactly 150 grams of lamb and just over 200 grams of beef. Furthermore, in the first decade, the consumption of beef was fluctuated, reaching peak at 240 grams, and then decreased gradually until 2004.
It can be seen that the demand of chicken was highest in 2004, at about 250 grams, which was followed by beef and lamb about just over and under 100 grams, respectively. In addition, the consumption of fish went down slightly by around 10 grams from 1979 to 2004 and it is always the lowest quantity compares to others.