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Mar 11, 2012 22:37
My daughter and I often go to a club. At noon, her classmate called her. he wanted to go the club with us. After arriving there, to our surprise, all of the members of the club were not there. Why? Where were they?
Maybe the activity was not here. Maybe the activity would not hold today.
I wanted to call someone to ask about it. What a shame! I have just got a now cellphone which have not been input phone number. I could only remember about phone number of my family. I could not think of the others.
Suddenly, I thought of my friends using QQ often. I started to download this software from internet at once. After finishing it, I connected QQ and Sent a message to my friend. Two seconds later, I received a reply of changing the place. When we found this place, the activity has aleady begun for 20 minutes.
Goodness! Anything can happen to me.
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