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Feb 16, 2012 22:32
No one can do anything in the world. Everyone has different abilities. Maybe someone can do driving the airplane. Maybe someone can do teaching some languages. One day, I received a message from J who is with his physical disability. He said that he had a request that he wanted to be a teacher. But no one wants to learn from him because he could not speak fluently and clear.
When I read it. I decided that I would be a student which he taught. When I started to learn from him, he was very gentle and patient. Although my English pronunciation was so bad, but he still gave me some feedback and help. At end, He said to me "Thanks, you let me had a few experiences of teaching English."
He had his own dreams. He tried his best to let his dreams come true.
He did it which he loves as best as possible.
He not only taught me how to speak English, but also taught me how to face my life and how to be a nice person.
Thanks, J. I hope your dreams will come true.