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Feb 12, 2012 10:45
These day, I tought my daughter swimming. The first day, she only stood in the water and always said that she felt very cold. My way was that let her relax to control her breath in the water and comfort her. She said that she needed my help and some feedback. I said to her " you do, you try, you can do it better" like some encouraged words. She could swim slowly 10m. I never used my hands hleping her. Olny encouraged her using encouraged words.
Today, She have already swum 600m.
A kind of encouragement may give a child a kind of strong power. Children not olny need your help and love, but also need your encouragement.
There are kinds of power in the world are around our children growing up. Maybe you have your own way to teach your Children that you can. Each child has different situations like character etc.
Giving someone encouragement is very important, too. I propose that we never forget it.