Everyone has it. Problem is how treat them.

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Aug 4, 2012 07:24
A lot of devils are now blooming.
He didn't know how grow up honor seeds, because he chose the devil one can grow up easily.
Say, didn't choose one but his lazy think led so.

It's not only easy, but also good taste.
So, He thought it's not bad that spent my life with this horrible plant.

But... it decay his heart and lid of kindness.

A good thing is he feel that.
And he concern about this awesome fact.

But he haven't experienced that grow up general seeds. So, it's scary to change all crops general one.
In addition, devils too expended to exclude from his farm.

He is fall in despair and gave up all things.

Even though, there is still some hope.

Ah...Here is one more devil bud.