My first note

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Feb 6, 2012 05:16
Hi everyone! It`s my first note and I`m really happy that I`ve found this site. I`ve learnt English for 6 years but I`ve recently learnt it intensively. I love learning languages. It makes me fun and besides it is very practical and useful. I also learn French but I`ve started to learn this language recently. I want to writing this blog becuse I`d like to improve my writing skills and check how many mistakes I do. I hope someone will visit my blog and check my notes. I`ll be grateful! And if you learn Polish, I`ll check your blog with pleasure :)
I don`t know what I`ll writing about. Maybe about my daily life or something I`m interested in? Anyway I promise I`ll be writing 4 notes weekly at least. So keep your fingers crossed for me! :)