Looking For A Good Spa

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Dec 8, 2019 21:35
There are many spa massages in the Philippines, but they all don't serve good service.Last time I went a spa in a shopping mall near my condo.I ordered Swedish massage there, however, I didn't feel good.I often felt much pain due to the strong pressure of massage.Before I've experienced Swedish massage in Cebu, so I knew how good the massage was.Last time massage was totally different from one in Cebu.I decided not to go to the spa again.
Recently I've been having a stiff shoulder, so I felt to go to get spa massage today.Today's spa is a little bit far from my condo, 500 meter far away.I walked to there.The price was almost same as last time spa massage, but the service was far better than last one.What's more, I can get a discount if I participate the member ship.
I'll try to look for spas around my area, but just now today's spa is my best.