Australia day

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Jan 28, 2019 17:32
Today was Australia day, which means they celebrate Australia established.
So today was holiday and my restaurant was closed, therefore my working day was off.
I wanted to study English but quitted because I didn't have enough motivation to study.
Due to my fatigue from working, I recently feel tired and lost motivation to do something.
I know it's so bad, but it feels like my body wants to take a rest.
So I have decided not to do anything today.
However, I had to go to the grocery because I don't have nothing to eat in my house except for some rice.
To be honest, I was not willing to go outside, but I went to the grocery in order to live.
Unfortunately the grocery near by my house was also closed due to holiday.
I felt upset and I didn't feel like going to the fast-food restaurant, but I went there in order to live.
I thought the grocery in Australia was opened as same as in Japan, even if holiday.
I thought Japan is very useful again and I missed Japan.