The result of my first IELTS

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Mar 22, 2019 16:22
Yesterday I got the result of my first IELTS which is a little bad for me.
The average score is 5.0, in detail reading score 5.5, writing score 5.5, listening score 4.5 and speaking score 4.0 especially so bad.
I was a little bit upset when I got the result because I had would got average more than 5.5.
But in real, the score is worse than I expected, especially speaking score.
I didn't study speaking at all, however I've lived in English country for two years.
So even if I didn't study it, I would get a pretty score, but my expecting was so optimistic.
My impression about my first IELTS is that I regret the score, on the other hand, I think my score is reasonable.
Actually I don't often understand what someone says to me in English and I can't often say what I want to say in English.
In the end, learning languages is very hard.
Now I wish I will get the average score more than 7.0 until I'll be 35 years old.
It's because I can't forgive the score in myself.
By the way, my entries until today deserve writing score's 5.5 in IELTS.
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