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Jan 13, 2019 17:27
Today I've measured my weight for the first time in a while.
I wanted to measure it, but I couldn't find the weight measure in my gym and my house doesn't have it.
I don't remember to tell you in my entry that I want to increase my weight.
So recently I've tried to eat too much on purpose.
I think it isn't only very hard to decrease my weight but also to increase it.
If some women have read this entry, they would be angry because they maintain that it is far easier to increase their weight than to decrease them, so many woman try to go on died and fail.
I put the talk on the side, my weight was about 81.5kg.
The figure is good for me because my goal is 83kg, so I'm keep going to my goal.
After I'll archive my goal, I'll start to go on a diet.
I want to start next month, but it seems to be difficult due to difficulty to increase 1.5kg on my weight in about 20 days.
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