Fxxking Homeless

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Mar 15, 2019 19:40
Yesterday what a fxxking thing happened to me.
While I was in the bus to go to my home after working at night, the homeless said to the driver "Motherfxxker!!".
Exactly I know the meaning and when I heard what she said, I thought to mistake listening to her.
But, some people around me looked upset, so I was sure that I didn't mistakenly listen to her.
The reason seems that the driver ignored her request to stop the bus.
I was so rage when I heard the word because she complained the driver nevertheless she didn't pay fee.
I thought she doesn't have right to complain the driver.
I tried to say her "Please apologize the driver." and beat the homeless but I didn't.
It's because I don't wanna go to the jail.
But I can't help forgiving her saying to the driver.
I hate the homeless in Adelaide.
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