Air Conditioner

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Jan 22, 2019 11:44
Our house has an air conditioner, but there is something wrong about it.
It's one conditioner connects all own rooms.
It means when I turn on the conditioner, all rooms in my house get cold window.
So when I don't feel hot but someone feel hot, the conditioner works.
Yesterday night was awful.
It's not usually so hot at night, even if Adelaide, however, the air conditioner was working, so I felt so cold.
Nevertheless I could't turn off the switch because I thought someone felt hot.
Due to it, I don't feel fine now like getting a cold.
Next time I'll turn off the switch when I feel cold at night.
Other would think me as a selfish person, but it's ok.
That's just why I care about my health.
By the way, my home house in Japan doesn't have an air conditioner, so I felt so hot every summer when I was a child.