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Jun 24, 2019 19:19
I got my teeth check in about 3 years.
At the first, let me tell the result that I have one cavity and my teeth ridge has a problem due to the bruxism.
The nurse told me the reason of bruxism is due to some stress.
I remember I had a lot of stress after moved to Australia, you can know what a stress I had when I lived in Australia by my old entries.
However, after going back to Japan, I have not felt such a stress.
At least, my parents have not complained to me about it.
Anyway I heard that I can buy a protecter for the bruxism, which costs about five thousand yen, so I'll buy it.
And I have to go back to the dental hospital tomorrow again because of curing my cavity.
I thought I've must gotten my teeth checked routinely.
However, it was almost impossible to do so because I lived abroad.
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