Hair Cut

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Jan 25, 2019 18:13
My hair is so bulky and a little bit long, especially my front hair, so today I went to get my hair cut after working the daytime shift.
Last time my hair tuned awful because my hair was still bulky and looks like wearing a helmet.
So today I went to other hair cut salon which I research on the net.
The salon is run by Korean, they speak Korean language.
But they also seem to speak English well.
I chose how to cut my hair style by a hair catalog in the salon.
Of course, the hair models were all Korean.
And I got my hair cut, after all I think it's bad.
I don't know why the hair stylist don't know how to thin the hair.
I watched how to thin my hair carefully.
I think the way is very different from Japanese stylists by whom I have gotten my hair cut before.
I have not watched how to thin the hair like this.
I think almost asian hair stylists in Adelaide are not good.
I wished I had gotten my hair cut by Aussie.
Anyway I don't like now my hair style.
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