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Jun 15, 2019 19:08
I bought the Suica in the rain and strong wind.
To be honest, I was very tired and I felt chilly all the day.
Why is it very chilly in Tokyo comparing to Osaka?
By the way, do you know what Suica is?
Suica is one of the transport cards available in Japan and would be used by the most people in Japan because the card is mainly used in Kanto part including Tokyo.
I already had another transport card, Icoca which is mainly used in Kansai part including Osaka.
Why did I bought Suica in addition to Icoca?
It's because Suica is more useful than Icoca.
Example, we can charge some money to Suica on the web.
The biggest reason why I bought it is that we can go through the gate in the station with Apple Watch.
It's so fascinated that I've wanted it since I knew the fact.
However, I noticed that we don't need to buy the physics cards after buying it.
If we have iPhones, we just resign the contract and we can use it with iPhone or Apple Watch.
It means that I can buy it everywhere in Japan.
Definitely nobody told about it.
I felt something lost in my life.(人生において、損した気持ちになった。)