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Jan 14, 2019 11:59
Just now my share house mate recommended me to go on a trip.
I heard she's going to Bali island in Indonesia for a trip this month with her boyfriend.
I'm jealousy of her.
I want to go to Bali island, too, however now is not the best timing for me.
I wish to go there for a honeymoon with my fiancé after getting married.
When it comes to honeymoon, instead I wish to go Europe country, especially Norge because of watching the aurora.
Last year I went to Iceland for a trip to watch the aurora, but I couldn't unfortunately watch it, nevertheless the weather was very good.
I wish to watch an aurora once in my life.
If it came true with my fiancé, it would be the best.
By the way, someone ask me if you have a plan to go for a trip, my answer is no.
It's because I don't have enough money and some place where I want to go for a trip.
What's more, I think I will be able to go for a trip abroad after going back to Japan and starting to work.
So I don't want to go for a trip now.
Leaving that side, I want to buy a Nintendo Switch.