Decision of my new job

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May 22, 2019 21:45
Today I finally told my agent staff that I decided to enter the company which I got an offer from about just after GW.
To be honest, I was wondering if I'd better enter the job or not because I'll work in Philippines when I accept the offer.
However, I originally hope I would work in a foreign country, my wish comes true at the company.
To be honest, I wanted to work in America or Canada, but it's ok because the common language in Philippines is English and I can work with English.
My English is good enough and it's the best to improve my English with working.
However, I hope I would work in America or Canada someday after all.
By the way, after entering, I have to get trained at the branch office in Tokyo for 2 or 3 months.
Now I live in Nara, so I have to move to Tokyo.
It's the first time I've lived in Tokyo.
I'm not only very interested in my life in Tokyo but also in Manila in Philippines.