I had a swine flu after Christmas last year.

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Jan 9, 2010 09:37
I t happened in the morning after last Christmas.
My daughter-in-law called me and told she and her two little kids had a swine flu.
I thought I was sure I also had it because I had took care of the kids for a several days.
In the afternoon, I had a fever, 40 degrees.
I went to a doctor at once.
The doctor tested me if I had a swine flu.
However, the time I visited to him was early, so the test didn't go well.
I insisted to him that this was really swine flu because I had never had a fever for 30 years.
After hearing my story, he determined " OK, you told you have never had a fever for 30 years, I will get you tamiful."

Because I could take tamiful soon, my temperature went down at the night.
Next day, I felt very well.
I think if you feel your body strange, you should go to a doctor right a way.
I learned it was very important.