My Daughter's Orthodontics

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Jul 7, 2009 14:46 teeth
My daughter is 23 years old.
She has been having an orthodontic treatment for a year.
She put off her braces today.
I am very happy to hear that.

However, it cost her about 300000 Yen.
She doesn't have a stable job now, so she cannot afford it.
After all, maybe, my husband will pay it.

I think there are two problems that you feel strange.
One is about the cost.
In Japan, orthodontics treatment is usually much more expensive than my daughter's.
I think my daughter's is very cheep because I've heard that someone paid 1000000 Yen.
The other problem is that why her parent have to pay instead his daughter, because she is still adult.
As I wrote before, my daughter is not wealthy, and in Japan, many people think orthodontics treatment is parents's responsibility, so my husband will pay it for his daughter.

I have been watching a TV program "Ugly Betty."
She also put braces with her teeth.
It seems very severe.
Betty, go for it!

Oh, I 've totally forgotten one more problem.
Why do we have to straighten our teeth?
Natural crooked teeth aren't good?
What's beauty?

*1$=about 100Yen