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  • There are dirt on your hand, needless to say, not only after an activity like farm work or soccer but also after you come back home or after washroom which are invisible.
  • Needless to say, after you've come home from farm work or playing soccer, you're going to be dirty. Not only that, but even after you're home, dirt accumulates in your house and your washroom, invisible to the naked eye.
@comment 1: "By" and "from" are very alike! However, you may want to think of it like this: If we say "from students learning Japanese," it sounds like they gave you things to correct. They specifically asked you for help. But since you ...
Either the original entry has been deleted or you don't have access to it.
  • I have corrected many sentences these two weeks and noticed that learners have same problem which prevent them improving using Japanese properly.
  • In these past two weeks, I've corrected many sentences by students learning Japanese, and I've begun to notice that they seem to have the same problems preventing them from correctly using Japanese.
  • We don't use "learners." We say "students." "Properly" is popular in Japanese! However, we almost never use it in English. So you may want to avoid it.
  • ②Turkey is be in a good position seeing from the geographical point of view
  • 2. From a geographical standpoint, Turkey is in a good position.

Jul 20, 2013 00:42 Public Practice part3
  • then Ikegami introduced 3 reasons why Turkey is remarked by investors.
  • Following that, Ikegami shared three reasons as to why Turkey tends to be focused on by investors:

Jul 20, 2013 00:41 Public Practice part3
  • Before mentioning Turkey, Ikegami introduced an old group of developing countries and a group known as one of the most significant developing countries in the world.
  • Before Turkey was introduced, Ikegami began to describe a group of former developing countries, as well as a group containing the most significant developing countries in the world.

Jul 20, 2013 00:39 Public Practice part3
  • In that TV program, I learned something about Turkey.
  • As I was watching the program, I ended up learning some of Turkey's history.
  • "Something" is very vague.

Jul 20, 2013 00:37 Public Practice part3
  • But it takes really long time to check if it correct in grammer by yourself.
  • However, it takes a really long time to check over your own grammar.
  • I realize you like to use "but" in the beginning of your sentences. It's easier to make a sentence if you use "but" in the middle of the sentence. Examples: 1) Writing may be simple, BUT it takes a long time to check over your grammar. 2) He said he's going home, BUT he's still here. 3) She wants to bake, BUT she doesn't know how. In order to use "but" in a grammatically correct way, you need two complete sentences around it. These are complete sentences: 1) Writing may be simple. 2) It takes a long time to check over your grammar. 3) He said he's going home. etc. Hopefully you understand what I'm talking about! In your case, I changed it to "However..." because it means the same thing as "but" and works better at the beginning of a sentence.

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