A type of friends I want to have though Lang-8

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Jul 12, 2013 03:48
I restarted using Lang-8 these days for the purpose of improving writing skill.

So this time, I would like to think what I should do through using Lang-8 and the idea about friends in lang-8 to make my goal clear.

There are many way to improve your langage skill, you know.
But writing skill is the most hardest one without using Lang-8.

Speaking skill: you can practice through your friend in abroad, through trip, or through shadowing.

Listening skill: you can practice though music you like, through TED, or with text book

reading skill: just read books. if there are book also in your mother langage, that is great!

writing skill: just write. But it takes really long time to check if it correct in grammer by yourself. And it is hard to correct through mail or chat.

And lang-8 made us possible to improve writing skill easily and make foreign friend.
That is the reason why I use this service.

【my ideas about friend】
When you want to get good corrections of your diaries, friends are really important.
So I want to have some good friends I can get along with for a long time.

I don't want to have as many friends as possible because if I have many friends, I won't have enough time to spare to correct their sentence carefully.

If you want to make good correction that help friends a lot, I will take lots of time to do that.
And I want to spare my time I use in Lang-8 as much as possible to make corrections that help you to understand the key point to improve.

I checked many person's entries in this web site and thought what I can help and what I want you to do.

what I can...
①I will write down the key idea that can apply many thing as much as possible.
②I will try to explain in English as much as possible especially for beginner.
③ I can talk with you through skype if you want to practice speaking in Japanese.
( I thought practicing how to speak Japanese is difficult because there are less speaker compare with English one. )

things I want you to do...
①correct my sentence.
②if you are in the mood, please teach me the key idea that can apply many things to understand.

if you agree with me, let's correct sentences each other and become friend afterward.
Though I wrote tough and serious sentence this time, feel free to talk to me.
I was happy I had god a friend who I can talk about hobby with. Thank you so much~